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Helping businesses understand and embrace the value of sustainable practices is a fundamental part of the Rainforest Alliance mission. The Frog Business Blog brings together two and a half decades of experience transforming business practice – from the farm or forest, through the supply chain to the end consumer – to help your business along its own sustainability pathway.

More than two decades ago the founders of the Rainforest Alliance decided to find a new way to encourage producers and manufacturers to avoid deforestation and operate more sustainably – in ways that benefitted people and the planet. They wanted to move away from the boycotts of the Eighties to a new model – buycotts – encouraging consumers to support sustainably produced options by certifying the production practices and labeling the end product so it was clear that it came from a farm or forest that was responsibility managed.

The Rainforest Alliance now works with thousands of natural resource-based businesses globally. When we speak of “businesses” we are talking about small enterprises like a family farm of a few acres growing cocoa in Cote d’Ivoire or a small scale coffee roaster in Melbourne; through to plantation forest managers, hoteliers and multi-national brand name companies like Unilever makers of Lipton tea and Magnum ice cream. For the Rainforest Alliance being a sustainable business isn’t dependent on your size or scale, it’s an attitude, a choice, a life long commitment. Often we describe it as a journey.

It may sound like a cliche but the reality is that sustainability is not something that can be achieved with the flick of a switch.

The Rainforest Alliance deploys a range of tools to work with businesses to help them find their own path towards sustainability. We provide training and technical assistance, help develop sourcing and other corporate sustainability policies, and use certification, verification and assurance to measure and report on business performance against company commitments and/or internationally recognised sustainability standards.

Through this blog we want to share our learning from two and half decades of experience transforming business practice, to share and celebrate the work of the many companies who are on their own sustainability pathway and to learn from other leaders in this space. So that together we can create a world where people and planet both prosper.

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