5 Ways to Celebrate Forests. For All. Forever: FSC Friday 25 September 2015

Are you an FSC certified forest owner or forestry-related business? If so, make sure you take advantage of FSC Friday on 25 September 2015. Let your workers, staff, stakeholders, shareholders and customers know that you are doing your part to ensure forests, for all, forever. Here are five ways to celebrate FSC Friday.


1. Join the FSC Friday Thunderclap
Is yours a social media savvy business? Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Then why not register for FSC Canada’s Thunderclap. Help FSC boost one simple message “Let’s keep our forests for all forever” across social media around the world on Friday 25 September. Or enter the Rainforest Alliance Instagram competition. Simply find FSC certified wood, paper or packaging, snap a photo and tag us @rainforestalliance as well as using the hashtag #FSCFriday2015 and you could win one of our adorable plush frogs! You can also request a variety of online resources to add to your business’s website or to your company email signatures. Helping raise awareness of FSC Friday, helps raise awareness of your company’s own certified status.

2. Hold a Staff Awareness Day
Demonstrating your commitment to the FSC values is a core requirement of certification. How much do your staff really understand about why your company has chosen to become FSC certified, what it means for your business and what role they play in helping you achieve and retain certification? Hold a staff awareness day or in-house competition to engage your staff in why FSC is valuable for your business. Give a presentation, watch an FSC film, hold a quiz or coffee morning (with some Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee of course).

Posters_FSCFRI_2015_SPA_Poster_3 Posters_FSCFRI_2015_ENG_Poster_2

3. Tell Your Customers You Are FSC Certified
One of the most common questions Rainforest Alliance receives from FSC certified businesses is “how can I promote my FSC certification? How can I use this to help me win new business?” The first step is ensuring that your customers know that your business is FSC certified. FSC Friday is a great hook for a customer promotion – offer discounts on your certified products, send your clients an FSC factsheet with your certified product list, hold an FSC seminar for customers explaining what FSC is and why you’ve made it part of their business. Or open your doors to customers, local officials, school and community groups and show them how FSC works in practice.

4. Join one of the FSC Events around the world
You can check out planned FSC events being held by FSC offices and collaborators around the world. From shopping mall displays in Jakarta, to working with school children in Spain,  photographic exhibitions in Italy to Facebook competitions in Australia there are a wide variety of events planned to raise awareness of the FSC tick mark.

5. Make every day an FSC Friday
FSC certified businesses can access the FSC’s new global marketing toolkit. FSC International has undertaken extensive market research globally to create a suit of materials that can be used online and offline including posters, print advertisements, and point of sale materials including table talkers, product hang tags, retail banners and more. You can also customise the materials using the logo and imagery provided to make promotional material specifically suited to your company’s needs and co-branded with your company or brand name.

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