Four ways sustainable tourism companies can stay ahead of the pack

Doing right by the environment seems a must amongst travellers these days. According to the world’s largest and most popular travel site, TripAdvisor®, eco-tourism is where it’s at with around 80 per cent of their online users placing importance on properties implementing eco-friendly practices. Check these four simple ways on to stay ahead of the tourism pack for your eco-savvy customers.

1. Get on board with Rainforest Alliance
One sure-fire way to have the competitive edge and show customers that your tourist operations are up to scratch – from a sustainability standpoint – is through Rainforest Alliance’s certification services.

Rainforest Alliance has been working with hotels, inbound and outbound tour operators and other tourism businesses to help improve environmental, social and economic practices. Through training and technical assistance, you learn how to operate sustainably and we assess your progress toward this goal.

2. Put a seal on it
Tour operators that have invested in Rainforest Alliance tourism certification can also apply to use the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal. Our standard for tourism operations is endorsed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), which sets minimum standards in eco-tourism.

The Rainforest Alliance Certified seal is increasingly recognized around the world as a symbol for responsible and sustainable choices. Independently verified, it gives confidence to potential visitors that your travel operation is not only good for a holiday, but is also good for people and the planet.

3. Tap into a bigger audience 
By participating in the certification program, businesses can benefit from extra promotion with Rainforest Alliance at international and local trade shows, online platforms and via print media.

Rainforest Alliance certified travel companies in the Latin America and Caribbean region also now have access to a huge international audience through the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders® program. With TripAdvisor boasting 340 million unique monthly visitors, that’s not easy to overlook. The GreenLeaders program helps travellers around the world plan eco-friendly vacations by offering a list of hotels and bed-and-breakfast inns that are committed to sustainable tourism practices.

As part of the Rainforest Alliance/TripAdvisor collaboration, tourism companies already certified by the Rainforest Alliance (and those in the future) will also simultaneously receive the GreenLeader status. They’ll join more than 7600 GreenLeader properties across the globe, without having to go through TripAdvisor’s evaluation process.

4. Gain increased recognition
And there’s more. Rainforest Alliance has teamed up with Travelife so that all hotels and accommodations which prove they meet the Rainforest Alliance’s criteria will also be able to display the Travelife for Hotels & Accommodations certification mark and be marketed through their promotional channels – such as partner tour operator members, online travel agents and the Travelife Collection website. This collaboration unites leading schemes in this sector from Europe and Latin America & the Caribbean, opening the door to a wider market and increased recognition.

Learn more about Rainforest Alliance’s certification services for tourism businesses online. Planning a holiday of your own let our Green Your Travel be your guide.

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