Four Benefits to Springing into Action to #FollowTheFrog

The Rainforest Alliance Follow the Frog campaign and our 30th anniversary launch will be in full swing between January 30 – February 12, 2017, and we want you to be a part of the action.

During the two-week Follow the Frog campaign, we’ll be highlighting our impact and working with our collaborating companies to recognize their support in helping us protect the planet and ensure strong forests and healthy communities.

This is a unique opportunity for you to shout out about your commitment to helping rebalance the planet! Here are the top four business benefits of participating in #FollowTheFrog:

(1) Raise the profile of your products carrying the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal.

Spotlight the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal wherever you reach customers and employees: on products, in store, and in communications and websites, to educate and inspire.  A toolkit of Rainforest Alliance #FollowTheFrog materials will be provided to all participating companies to get you started.

Costa Coffee highlights the frog and its coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.

Activation Idea: We can help you communicate your commitment to sustainability with a portfolio of point of sale materials and online graphics. However, if you want to make it your own, think about using graphics in a way that is unique to your brand, such as stencils for your coffee or cocoa dusting!

(2) Communicate your commitment to helping customers and employees to live better lives.

Tetley Tea engages its audience on social media during Follow the Frog.

Working to strengthen our forest and build stronger communities can only be achieved through working better together.
From farmers and foresters to businesses and consumers, we all have to do our bit towards living green, including helping consumers make thoughtful purchasing decisions every day. Follow the Frog is your chance to boost loyalty for your brand by demonstrating that you are committed to supporting your customers, employees and citizens on their journey towards living more sustainable lives.

74% of global consumers (referred to as ‘Aspirationals’), “try to support companies and brands that have a purpose of making a positive difference in society through their products, services, and operation”, so take this opportunity to share your sustainability story!  (Full BBMG Report)

 Activation Idea: Have you thought about time limited discounts, competitions or even loyalty cards to drive real and virtual traffic? This works if you offer products featuring the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal or simply have a sustainability commitment to share. This is the perfect way to help your customers and employees appreciate how easy it is to buy responsibly, and be rewarded for making more thoughtful purchasing decisions.

(3) Highlight your work with the Rainforest Alliance and your commitment to helping people and planet prosper together.

Drury Tea & Coffee hosts an in-store event to educate customers on Rainforest Alliance certification.

The Follow the Frog campaign period is the ideal moment to showcase your work with the Rainforest Alliance in a customizable way that is unique to your brand identity. This demonstrates your sustainability values to consumers – who are more and more often looking ‘behind the label’ – and is a simple way to strengthen affinity with your brand. It is also a great way to engage with employees to generate buzz and excitement about working for a company that is committed to helping people and planet prosper together.

Activation Idea:  Why not think about Follow the Frog themed experiential events? Your employees will have the opportunity to personally share their knowledge, giving your customers and stakeholder the chance to understand your sustainability commitment with the Rainforest Alliance in an immersive way.  And don’t forget about hosting your live events on Facebook, or sharing your stories on Instagram and Snapchat.

(4) Tell your story in a way that resonates.

EcoGrounds highlights its commitment to sourcing coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in a blog post.

Every company collaborating with the Rainforest Alliance has a unique story to tell, and we can help you tell it through ways that best resonate with your customers, employees or other key stakeholders. This is your chance to communicate your story and highlight that everyday actions, such as buying your products that use Rainforest Alliance Certified ingredients, make a difference to drive meaningful change. Whether you want to focus on the positive social or environmental impacts, or both, we can help you with content and visuals for your Follow the Frog campaign.

Activation Idea: Short videos, vlogs, gifs, blog and website content, or even show reels, are visually engaging ways to tell the story of your work with the Rainforest Alliance, and illustrate the impact that your commitment makes.

What’s next?

  • Let us know your plans so we can support, track and amplify your activity across our social media channels, too.  Please find your regional representative’s contact details below.
  • Once you go live, remember to share your activity online using #FollowTheFrog – and don’t forget to tweet us!


In the Americas, contact Diana Ortiz at

For the rest of the world, contact Reena Chadee at

For more ideas and for the latest updates and toolkits, subscribe for our updates.

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