Follow the Frog for Coffee that is Good for the Planet, People and Business


Many countries will observe National Coffee Day on September 29, while others will observe the International Coffee Organization’s Coffee Day on October 1. These two days are an occasion to promote and celebrate coffee, one of the world’s most traded commodities and most popular beverages, with estimates of 400 billion cups consumed each day.  Many companies are committed to sustainable coffee and source coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms, such as Caribou Coffee, Costa Coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts, Keurig, Lavazza, McDonald’s, Muskoka Roastery Coffee Co, Nespresso, Nescafe, Peet’s, Timothy’s, WaWa and many more. To learn more about these brands and find more options for Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, visit Shop the Frog.

The Rainforest Alliance is focused on driving environmental, social and financial sustainability, and since 1995 has worked with coffee farmers and provided training on methods that boost yields and safeguard the wellbeing of the workers and the health of the land for future generations. The sustainable farming practices promoted by Rainforest Alliance certification helps to strengthen coffee supply chains around the world and grow high quality coffee beans, which means great tasting coffee for consumers. On Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, farmers benefit from:

  • Increased Yields & Improved Production: When farms are managed sustainably, farmers are able to increase productivity, reduce staff turnover, improve bean quality, and better adapt to environmental and social challenges.


  • Reduced Risk: Improved management methods at the farm level help to stabilize coffee production by minimizing the disruptions caused by climate change, plant diseases, pests, and the departure of farmers from the field, among other challenges.
  • Increased Engagement: In the context of growing public support for socially and environmentally responsible companies, certification provides visible evidence of a company’s sustainability commitment, bolsters engagement and loyalty, and activates customers through meaningful stories about a coffee’s origins and the positive environmental and social impacts.

To help drive awareness and market demand for sustainable coffee, since 2003, the Rainforest Alliance has organized coffee cuppings to demonstrate the link between sustainable social, ecological and economic practices and quality in the cup. By bringing together a diverse group of qualified cuppers in the international coffee community, this program helps to build a bridge between those who grow coffee on Rainforest Alliance Certified farms and the roaster and importer communities. The most recent cupping took place in March at the InterAmerican cupping lab in Houston, Texas, US and featured more than 70 coffees from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Central America. (Click here for the results.) All coffees scored above 80, which is the threshold for specialty categorization, according to Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) cupping protocol.

This National Coffee Day and International Coffee Day and every day, be sure to pick up a good cup of Joe – a Rainforest Alliance Certified brew that supports healthy coffee farming communities across the globe.

To learn more about the Rainforest Alliance work in coffee, click here.

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