Kick Start Your Creativity with the Launch of Our #FollowTheFrog Toolkit


The Follow the Frog 2017 campaign and our 30th anniversary launch is just months away, so we have released the first instalment of our toolkit to help develop your campaign plans.  The toolkit includes a wide variety of ideas and materials, such as suggested concepts and downloadable assets to jumpstart your creative process and support your implementation.

Whether you are currently using the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal on products or working with Rainforest Alliance on your business’s sustainability journey, our tools are here to kick start some creative ideas and help you shout about your commitment.

  • The ‘Events, Promotions and Competitions’ page provides tips on hosting events and activations, as well as ways to gain maximised coverage and awareness about your work with the Rainforest Alliance – through social media and traditional outreach tactics. Follow the Frog is also an exciting opportunity to highlight products that bear the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal and encourage consumers to shop for these products. The toolkit provides execution tips for time-limited loyalty programs, special offers and other engaging activation ideas that can help drive consumer engagement, as well as purchase. For more inspiring tips, read the full ‘Events, Promotions and Competitions’ toolkit page here.
  • The ‘Inspiring Employees’ page offers ideas to engage your most valuable sustainability ambassadors – your employees. Our ‘Inspiring Employees’ page explores ways to excite and educate employees about your Rainforest Alliance commitment and help enhance their understanding of the company’s sustainability journey, which they are a part of. From revamping work spaces with educational displays to organising learning lunches, or even creating educational treasure hunts, find out ways to inspire your ambassadors here.

More is coming soon!

We’re releasing the next instalment of our toolkit soon! This will include our ‘Social Media’ tools page and downloadable graphics to use as is or customize with your own branding and messaging.


What’s next?

  • Subscribe for Follow the Frog updates and be alerted when we release new materials and further campaign updates.  
  • Let us know your plans and schedules so we can support and amplify your activity. Please find your regional representative’s contact details below and contact us!
  • Once you go live, remember to share your activity online using #FollowTheFrog to connect with global audience.


Questions or to learn more, contact:

UK, Europe, Asia and Africa: Reena Chadee at

The Americas: Diana Ortiz at

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