Three Ways That You’ll Inspire Your Customers by Joining the #FollowTheFrog Movement – and Proof That They Care!

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The Rainforest Alliance’s annual #FollowTheFrog campaign launches January 30, 2017, and you are invited too. Join forces with other businesses, NGOs, consumers and citizens, as part of a global movement to inspire and educate others on how to work better together to rebalance our world.

The #FollowTheFrog campaign is an ideal opportunity to highlight your company’s green credentials, especially with your customers, and create a memorable moment about your commitment to the Rainforest Alliance and sustainability. Here are three ways that you’ll engage and benefit your customers by joining the #FollowTheFrog movement.

  • Help customers on their journey to living more sustainable lives

Your customers care about sustainability, and they look to brands to provide opportunity to bring this to life. “Aspirational consumers represent 40% of the global public. They are defined by their love of shopping, desire for responsible consumption and their trust in brands to act in the best interest of society”. Their perception of sustainability has also changed from ‘sustainable OR’ to ‘sustainable AND’ – sustainable AND high performing, sustainable AND accessible, sustainable AND stylish. These consumers are both “materialists” and “influencers” that feel empowered by brands and believe that brands can be part of the solution to global problems.  (Globescan & BBMG, 2016)

Participating in the Follow the Frog campaign is an opportunity to educate customers about your responsible brand, as well as highlight products with the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal. Therefore, providing your customers with a reason to buy your product on their journey towards purchasing and consuming in a more responsible way.

  • Inspire and educate customers who are already interested in learning more

The data is clear:  consumers want to learn about the great things that your business is doing. 70% of the general population say they are “very interested in learning more about the ways that some companies are trying to be more socially and environmentally responsible”. (BBMG, 2016) In fact, more than half (52%) of global consumers will assume a company is not acting responsibly until they hear otherwise. () This puts a new pressure on companies to ensure that their sustainability messages are breaking through the noise.

Consumers are interested in learning more about your social and environmental initiatives, but they may lack the time and resource to proactively research your brand. Follow the Frog is a chance to educate consumers in a time and place that suits them, such as in-store or on social media channels, without disrupting to their everyday routines – after all, it’s always nice to learn something new every day.

  • Consumers seek more shareable experiences

“Aspirational consumers want more meaningful experiences that help them live better”. (Globescan & BBMG, 2016)

Follow the Frog is an opportunity to bridge experiences and products – to create activations that give consumers and citizens a positive, fun and unique experience to talk about and share, while also enjoying your products. By communicating these experiences using #FollowTheFrog, in connection with your brand, this can help make your customers feel that they are part of a positive movement towards a more sustainable world. This will help build loyalty to  your company and mission.

Need inspiration to kick start your campaign ideas? Check out the Follow the Frog toolkit!
We’ve released the first instalment of our web-based toolkit! This includes tips on ‘Events, Promotions & Competitions’ and ‘Inspiring Employees’.

More is coming soon! The next instalment of our toolkit will be published soon. This will include a ‘Social Media’ tools page and downloadable graphics to use as is or customize with your own branding and messaging. for campaign updates to find out when new resources become available!

What’s next?

  • Let us know your plans so we can support, track and amplify your activity across our social media channels, too.  Please find your regional representative’s contact details below.
  • Once you go live, share your activity online using #FollowTheFrog – and tweet us to maximize the reach and impact!

Questions or to learn more, contact:

UK, Europe, Asia and Africa: Reena Chadee at

The Americas: Diana Ortiz at

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