Using Social Media to Amplify Your Message During #FollowTheFrog

Examples of how companies have leveraged social media during Follow the Frog in the past.
Click image to enlarge past examples of companies leveraging social media during Follow the Frog.

The Follow the Frog campaign is less than one month away! The two-week campaign on January 30 – February 12, 2017 is a unique opportunity for your business to highlight your support of the Rainforest Alliance and our shared commitment to strong forests and thriving communities. One of the easiest ways to participate in the campaign is by joining the global conversation across social media platforms. Simply use the #FollowTheFrog hashtag, plus our downloadable campaign graphics, to showcase your work with the Rainforest Alliance and commitment to sustainability.

Harness the power of social media

  • Social media has become a powerful communication channel for business. There are 3 billion active social media users globally and internet users have an average of 5.54 social media accounts.
  • By connecting with your customers on social, your business is more likely to increase customer retention and brand loyalty. According to The Social Habit, 53% of Americans who follow brands in social are more loyal to those brands.
  • Global citizens want to know about your business’s sustainability initiatives. Seventy percent of the general population say that they are “very interested in learning more about the ways that companies are trying to be more socially and environmentally responsible”.
  • Social media can allow you to tell your sustainability journey in a way that is more personal and engaging to global citizens, using visually stimulating content or “behind the scenes” storytelling to bring your story to life.

We make it easy for you with messages and downloadable graphics

In the Follow the Frog toolkit, we provide social media tips, along with sample messages for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The messages are easy to use and can be turnkey or customized to your brand.

Ideas on how you can participate on social media:

  • Use #FollowTheFrog, tag the Rainforest Alliance (find handles for each social network here) and encourage your audience to also join the conversation.
  • Post on social to create buzz around #FollowTheFrog and your brand in the weeks leading up to the campaign.
  • Use our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram sample posts to highlight your products and services with the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal.
  • Use our Follow the Frog campaign graphics on the social media tab.
  • Run a social media competition or promotion.
Follow the Frog campaign table tents.
Follow the Frog campaign table tents included in the suite of downloadable campaign graphics.

Ready to use graphics

The Follow the Frog toolkit includes downloadable campaign graphics and point-of-sale materials that can be turnkey or customized for  use at every touchpoint where you communicate with your audience: social channels, newsletters, company intranets, in-store, events, and more. The point-of-sale material includes: table tents, shelf talkers, posters, both A3 and A4, and countertop displays. Graphics will be available in Spanish and French as well as English.

Ideas for using Follow the Frog campaign graphics:

  • Decorating shop areas with point-of-sale materials.
  • Linking these to your website for more information about your collaboration with the Rainforest Alliance.
  • Adding a link to Rainforest Alliance’s website to for more information about Rainforest Alliance certification.

What’s next?

  • Talk to us! Let us know your Follow the Frog plans so we can support, track and amplify your activity across our social media channels.  Please find your regional representative’s contact details below.
  • Share with us! Once you go live, share your activity online using #FollowTheFrog – and tag the Rainforest Alliance to maximize the reach and impact!

Questions or to learn more, contact:

The Americas: Diana Ortiz at

UK, Europe, Asia and Africa: Reena Chadee at

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