Earth Day Reflections: Alliances & Collaborations

17969283290_6fdc589175_oBy Susan Arnot Heaney, Director, Marketing & Company Engagement, The Rainforest Alliance

“I get by with a little help from my friends” is a familiar refrain, and it also represents the collaborative nature and vital “alliance” part of the Rainforest Alliance.  Our mission – to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods – is achieved by working with partners and stakeholders of all kinds and around the world, including farmers, foresters, businesses and citizens, to transform land use practices, business practices and consumer behavior.  Earth Day is a good opportunity to reflect on the spirit of collaboration that was also the core tenet of its founder, Gaylord Nelson, and the movement which continues to galvanize a diverse array of citizens, governments and organizations.

As Rainforest Alliance marks Earth Day in this our 30th anniversary year, it is especially appropriate to recognize some of our collaborating companies who have recently delivered creative programs and achievements.  These are just a few of the thousands of companies that have worked with us over three decades, and you can learn about more of our partners, as well as search for Rainforest Alliance Certified™ products, on our global website, and read about other companies’ experiences with Rainforest Alliance on our business site.

We would be remiss if we did not also recognize the dozens of companies around the world that supported the 2017 Follow the Frog campaign. Thank you to all who helped drive success of this year’s program.

So join us in celebrating these and all the companies that demonstrate the spirit of Earth Day every day of the year.

7-Eleven, Inc. (U.S.)  Earlier this month, 7-Eleven, Inc. in the U.S. introduced its second single-origin Rainforest Alliance Certified™ coffee, this time from the Chiapas growing region of Mexico, following on their single origin Nicaraguan coffee offered in fall 2016.

Ahold (Stop and Shop and Giant U.S.) Stop and Shop and Giant supermarkets in the U.S., both Ahold brands, launched for Earth Day new videos spotlighting their commitment to sustainability and products certified by Rainforest Alliance as well as others, such as UTZ.

Appalachian Woodlands Alliance (U.S.) Rainforest Alliance is partnering with forest products leaders Avery Dennison, Columbia Forest Products, Domtar, Evergreen Packaging, Kimberly-Clark, Staples, and the US Forest Service to work with private landowners in this three-year project aiming to improve the productivity and health of forests in the southeastern US, an area historically dependent upon the coal industry, by fostering sustainable practices.

Dole (New Zealand) Dole is the world’s largest producer and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a long term collaborating company with the Rainforest Alliance. As of February 2017, all Dole pineapples sold in New Zealand features the Rainforest Alliance Certifiedᵀᴹ seal. Dole has also embarked on a six-month campaign to educate consumers about food waste and sustainability.

Dunkin’ Donuts (U.S.) Dunkin’ Donuts is introducing Fruited Iced Teas across the U.S. for spring 2017, featuring freshly-brewed Black tea or 30% Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Green Tea mixed with real fruit juice and topped with real pieces of fruit, including Mango Pineapple with Peaches and Blackberry with Strawberries.

Kroger (U.S.) Kroger stores carry Rainforest Alliance Certified™ flowers, coffee, tea, diapers and more, and in anticipation of the famous Kentucky Derby™ horse race in May they just re-released the “Journey of the Roses” video, spotlighting the Rainforest Alliance certified blooms that make up “The Garland of Roses” created by Kroger and awarded to the winner of this major event.

Lilly Pulitzer (U.S.) The iconic American resort wear brand is supporting the Rainforest Alliance through a new “Prints with Purpose” capsule collection of five styles designed in the rainforest-inspired Jungle Hoppin’ pattern. The program runs April 17-May 29 and includes consumer promotions, store activities, social media and a $65,000 donation.

Lipton (Global) The tea in teabags from Lipton, the world’s leading tea brand sold in more than 150 countries, is now 100% globally sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms.  This is one part of the global Unilever Sustainable Living Plan.

McDonalds (Germany) McDonald’s Germany is one of many markets that offers McDonald’s customers Rainforest Alliance Certifiedᵀᴹ coffee, and they also embarked on a fun cause marketing program that offered customers environmental themed books as an alternative to toys in Happy Meals for children.  Each sale raised funds for the Rainforest Alliance, and last month McDonald’s Germany announced that the campaign raised a total of nearly 188,000 Euros to support the Rainforest Alliance mission.

P&G (Canada and U.S.) P&G Canada is hosting a global webinar and Sustainability Fair for Earth Day to engage and educate employees on the company’s commitment to the issues of climate, water and waste, with the Rainforest Alliance among the participating organizations. Looking ahead to Arbor Day on April 28, P&G U.S. is hosting a Triple Pundit “Twitter Party” at 12:00-1:00ET called #ForestryChat with Domtar, FSC, WWF, and Rainforest Alliance.  Join in!

Tesco (U.K.) Tesco and the Rainforest Alliance have set out to bring more affordable sustainable products to customers. Since January 2017 the company has sourced all bananas and fresh coconuts from Rainforest Alliance Certifiedᵀᴹ farms. Tesco has also committed to sourcing all cocoa in their own label chocolate confectionery products from certified farms by end of 2018 and all tea by 2020.

Tourism: Iguazú region (Argentina) Six Rainforest Alliance Certified™ tourism organizations in Argentina developed a video, released in February, about their sustainability activities addressing both social and environmental impacts in the extraordinary Iguazú region.

Veg-Fresh Farms (U.S./Mexico) Veg-Fresh Farms in the U.S. announced in March achievement of the Rainforest Alliance certification of two of the company’s premier tomato growing partners in Mexico for the Good Life Organic™ Tomato brand.





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