Sri Lankan Tea Farmers Fight Deforestation and Climate Change

The Rainforest Alliance’s latest video showcases our efforts to train Sri Lankan smallholder tea farmers in innovative weed-control methods, which is an important aspect of sustainable agriculture. Learn how this approach nurtures the soil, reduces input costs, and increases tea yields. By Reena Chadee, Associate Marketing, the Rainforest Alliance. 

Over the past 150 years, Sri Lanka’s tea growers have set high standards with its world-renowned Ceylon Tea. Although the forests that lie above tea estates play a crucial part in producing Ceylon tea’s unique character and flavor profile, only 28 percent of Sri Lanka’s original forest cover remains.

Since agricultural conditions—from weather patterns to market transformations—are in constant flux, the strategies that worked well yesterday may not yield the same results today. Consequently, working closely and consistently with farmers on sustainable agricultural practices is key to conserving the landscape that supports Ceylon tea’s uniqueness.

The Rainforest Alliance first started working in Sri Lanka in 2008, and since then, our comprehensive training programs have proven to benefit producers, delivering positive environmental, social, and economic impacts. We share innovative methods to help mitigate climate-change risks, effective farm management techniques, and other approaches to farming that will help ensure the health of livelihoods and crops for generations to come.

We are delighted to share more about the Sri Lankan tea producers we work with in this informative video.

The Rainforest Alliance will be at the Colombo International Tea Convention August 9 –11. If you attend, please stop by Stall 6 to learn more about our work in Sri Lanka and how our team can support your business.


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