Spotlight on Some of the Best Nonprofit Videos (and some For-Profit Ones, too)

486649249_1280x720By Susan Arnot Heaney, Director, Marketing and Company Engagement

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is a video worth?  Potentially a great deal – a great deal of influence, exposure and brand building. Since You Tube launched on Valentine’s Day in 2005, the utilization of video through social media has skyrocketed both in the commercial and personal spheres.  But it is a crowded space: an estimated 400 hours of new videos are uploaded to You Tube every minute and 6 billion hours of video are watched per month, with more than 180 million You Tube users in the US alone [Source:  You Tube Statistics ] .

So how do you stand out and get your message seen and heard? Well, perhaps sharing best case examples can help with ideas and inspiration, and Non Profit Tech for Good has done just that.  They have released their list of “13 of the best nonprofit videos of the last 13 years.” Proudly, the Rainforest Alliance Follow the Frog video is recognized as the best nonprofit video for 2012, and we are in excellent company, with other honored videos produced by Lego, Greenpeace, Save the Children, the Anti-Defamation League, World Wildlife Fund, World Food Programme and more.

Based upon the continued popularity on social media (more than 5.4 million views to date) and requests to screen it at conferences and events, the Follow the Frog video continues to resonate through its timeless mix of humor and a serious message: how to do your part to protect the environment through every day actions.

Check out all 13 of these best-in-class videos and get some inspiration for your work and your life at the Non Profit Tech site

And it is not just the Rainforest Alliance producing videos about our work and mission.  Check out our Marketing Examples web page to view a selection of videos produced by companies, such as Innocent Drinks, Kroger, Martin Guitar, McDonald’s, Nespresso, Patagonia, Procter & Gamble, Stop & Shop and more, to communicate and celebrate their work with the Rainforest Alliance.

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