Forest Friends: Rainforest Alliance and Chantecaille Beauté

2018-01-17 08_29_27-Save the Forest Eye Palette – Chantecaille.png

Chantecaille Beauté partnered with the Rainforest Alliance in late 2017 on a global, multifaceted campaign to raise awareness of our work as well as generate a financial contribution. The creative campaign included print ads, store signage, consumer postcards, web content, events, ads on London buses, and more.  “Le Magazine” of Chantecaille recently carried an interview with Susan Heaney of the Rainforest Alliance on the organization’s mission and impact:

“Last year we joined forces with the Rainforest Alliance to help them in their quest to protect the planet’s forests, which are rapidly disappearing as a result of mass farming. Losing these green spaces means endangering hundreds of species, including gorillas, who depend on them. Also at risk are the 1.6 billion people worldwide whose livelihoods depend on them.  As Director of Marketing for the Rainforest Alliance, Susan Heaney spends her days educating the public about the importance of preservation with an impassioned, earnest approach. We chatted with Heaney about the dangers of deforestation and everyday chances to make a difference—we’re sure you’ll find her words as inspiring as we do.”

Read More:

London Bus photo 1 Chantecaille

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