“Expo-sing” Responsible Sourcing at Natural Products Expo West


By Debbie Rutstein, Rainforest Alliance Marketing Associate

At this year’s Natural Products Expo West, the largest trade show in the natural, organic, and healthy products industry, more than 3,000 companies will gather to show the world what makes them unique, such as a commitment to positive environmental, social and economic impacts.

The Rainforest Alliance works around the world with companies of all sizes to help transform land use and business practices, and to support sustainable value chains – from farm or forest to market. Bringing the impact full circle, the Rainforest Alliance also works to help transform consumer behavior by making more sustainably sourced products accessible and identifiable.

We would like to highlight a sample of those companies attending Expo West that have made the sustainability journey with the Rainforest Alliance, and that stand out in the crowd, by sourcing ingredients from farms and forests that follow environmentally and socially responsible practices, and invite you to visit their booths.

Want to join the movement or just learn more? Find us at Expo West in booth #5010 to see how the Rainforest Alliance can help your business and your customers #FollowTheFrog! And be sure to check out our Find Certified Products web page to learn about even more products that carry the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal.


Clif Bar & Company

Clif-Bar-Logo-optimized (002)

[Booths 5528, 2037]

100% of the cocoa used in CLIF BARs is sourced from organic or  Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Côte D’Ivoire, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, Indonesia, Peru and Tanzania. The company also sources all their USDA-certified organic palm kernel oil from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in South America and they are working toward sourcing 100% of the total palm kernel oil from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.




[Booth 1813]

Daabon Group of Santa Marta, Colombia, is a family-owned company whose farms were the first organic palm oil farms to also earn Rainforest Alliance certification. They also produce bananas and coffee on Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, and they recently produced a short video about their work with us.



dole_rs (002)

[Booth 1457]

Over 20,000 hectares of banana plantations owned by Dole or the company’s independent growers have been certified to Rainforest Alliance standards, mainly in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Honduras.


free2be Foods

Free2b Foods

[Booth 5538]

free2b Foods produces an array of products that are free of the top 12 allergens, and as part of their commitment to overall quality, they source single origin, Rainforest Alliance Certified Ghanaian cacao for their chocolate products.



justins_0 (002)

[Booth 777]

100% of the cocoa used in Justin’s organic Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups comes from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.


Miss Jones Baking Co.


[Booth 5016]

Miss Jones Baking Co. uses only palm oil from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in South America in its baking and frosting mix products.


Naked Juice


[Booth 605]

Every banana in Naked juices and smoothies is sourced from a Rainforest Alliance Certified farm.


Newman’s Own


[Booth 307]

The cocoa in Newman’s Own Signature Series chocolates was grown on farms that are Rainforest Alliance Certified to meet comprehensive standards for sustainability. Learn more at http://www.newmansown.com/faqs


Pacha Soap Co.


[Booth 2783]

The Pacha Soap Co. is committed to all-natural, environmentally safe products, including palm oil used in bar soaps that is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.


Republic of Tea


[Booth 5482]

The Republic of Tea offers a variety of teas that are both “environmentally sustainable and a treasure for your taste buds” because they are sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.



teapigs (002)

[Booth 8607]

Teapigs’ signature Everyday Brew Blend (a combination of Assam, Ceylon, and Rawandan teas) is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms, with plans to achieve certification for all black tea estates.


Teatulia Organic Teas

teatulia_0 (002)

[Booth N1432]

The Teatulia mission is to sustain the land and its people while producing top-quality tea, and achievement of Rainforest Alliance certification for their farm is a key part of this commitment.


This Bar Saves Lives

tumblr_static_epeqvm01wygcggcwok8cswwkk (1)

[Booth 8005]

The cocoa used in products such as This Kid Saves Lives nut and gluten-free bars, is sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.


Tom’s of Maine


[Booth 2717]

Tom’s of Maine is committed to a combining naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients, and their bar soap uses Rainforest Alliance Certified Palm Oil.


Tradin Organics


[Booths 1925, 8000]

Tradin is a B2B ingredient supplier and carries palm and cocoa sourced from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms.




[Booths 183,184]

Unilever continues to drive significant impact with its Sustainable Living Plan, and the company works with the Rainforest Alliance to source ingredients for a wide variety of products and brands around the world, including 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified tea in all Lipton and PG Tips tea bags among others, cocoa for Magnum, vanilla for Breyer’s, and more.


Yogi Tea


[Booth 761]

Yogi is committed to teas that are made sustainably with natural ingredients, and the company purchases Organic Rooibos Leaf exclusively from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms.



yumbutter_0 (002)

[Booth 5731]

Palm oil in Yumbutter nutbutters (like peanutbutter, almond butter, cashew butter etc.) can be traced back to organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified oil palm farms.

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