Tackling Deforestation on International Day of Forests—and Every Day

Photo courtesy of Valerie Jean McAninch, 2006

By Richard Donovan, Senior Forest Advisor, Rainforest Alliance

Forests are critical to the survival of every living thing on Earth. Not just because they provide habitat for 80 percent of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity and livelihoods for 1.6 billion people. We also rely on forests to clean the air, absorb greenhouse gas emissions, and stabilize the climate. Not to mention, forests provide raw materials for food, shelter, and medicines.

But forests are falling at an alarming rate. Each minute, 85 acres are destroyed due to the pressures of agriculture, development, logging, and degradation from climate change. We are working with partners around the world to address this crisis.

Since 1987 the Rainforest Alliance has used a comprehensive range of strategies to conserve forests worldwide. Our conservation partners include indigenous forest communities, governments, civil society organizations, and companies like Domtar, P&G, Avery Dennison, that are committed to responsible sourcing. By working together with all these stakeholders, we have helped prevent the deforestation of nearly 4.4 million hectares in high-risk landscapes and forest frontiers.

The Rainforest Alliance believes in the power of market forces to conserve forests, which is why we developed the world’s first global forestry certification program, the Smartwood program, and helped found the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) the most respected forestry standard-setter in the world. Now, over 33.7 million hectares (83.3 million acres) of forestland are managed sustainably, in compliance with to the rigorous environmental, economic, and social standards required for certification by the Rainforest Alliance. Additionally, we have trained more than 32,500 people in sustainable forestry. Our forest enterprise projects with indigenous and forest communities in Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras alone have generated $147,329,235 in revenue for our partner communities since 2010.

If your company would like to work with the Rainforest Alliance, or learn more about our forest products certification, click here to get started.

Domtar is one of many forest products companies working with the Rainforest Alliance to drive sustainability across their supply chain. On this International Day of Forests, we are proud to share Domtar’s article from their Newsroom, spotlighting how forests are good for the environment, and the economy.

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