Follow The Frog to Stronger Brand Value

FTF Frog

By Debbie Rutstein, Rainforest Alliance Marketing Associate

The consumer landscape has been changing—people are living in an age of information, with constant access to brand and product details previously hidden or unavailable. Today’s consumers look for more than just a product that meets their needs, they look for a brand that shares their values.

  • 84% of global consumers consider a company’s social and environmental commitments before deciding what to buy or where to shop 1
  • 90% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause, given comparable price and quality, with 80% saying they would be willing to buy a product from an unknown brand with stronger social or environmental commitments 1
  • 64% of consumers globally agree or strongly agree that they would “purchase more products that are environmentally and socially responsible” if “companies’ health and environmental claims were more believable” 2
  • 87% of American consumers would buy a product with a social or environmental benefit, if given the opportunity, and 55% say they have in the past 12 months 3

The Rainforest Alliance Certified™ seal on a product serves to immediately communicate a company’s commitment to planet and people. By signing on to the annual Follow the Frog campaign, this year set for September 10-24,  brands and companies can add more marketing firepower to drive awareness, value, and loyalty among internal and external stakeholders, highlighting their commitment to sustainable sourcing through their work with the Rainforest Alliance.

Get Involved – At No Cost!

The Rainforest Alliance makes it easy to take advantage of Follow the Frog and join this global co-created campaign. Participating companies have access to a toolkit, downloadable graphics, social media posts and more, all ready to use or customizable to the brand—and all at no cost! Company activations vary greatly, and these examples from 2017 show how some of the participating brands have  leveraged Follow the Frog to engage their audiences.

Some other ideas for participating in Follow the Frog include:

  • Online
    • Join the global #FollowTheFrog conversation across social media platforms by tagging us and utilizing our templates and ready to share posts, or create your own
    • Offer a competition or giveaway (of Rainforest Alliance Certified products) on social media to keep followers coming back to your account.
    • Here is how and where you can find us on our different channels:
    • Promote, create, or expand website content highlighting your commitment to sustainability and what’s behind the Rainforest Alliance seal
    • Create a pop-up on your website’s homepage spotlighting your commitment to sustainability and products that are Rainforest Alliance Certified
    • Be sure your customers can keyword search “Rainforest Alliance Certified” when shopping online, and/or create a page featuring certified products
    • Create an online game or “scavenger hunt” leading consumers through the website to locate green frogs scattered through the pages
    • Work with us to produce a video highlighting our work together
  • In Store:
    • Displays of single or cross category certified items, with signage indicating that all items are Rainforest Alliance Certified
    • Discounts or loyalty points for purchasing products with the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal
    • Shelf talkers, channel strips, or call outs of any kind to spotlight Rainforest Alliance Certified products, utilizing these downloadable graphics.
    • Frog-shaped foot prints placed on the floor leading to certified goods, encouraging customers to literally Follow the Frog
    • Signage at register with messaging about the impact of a consumer’s purchase
    • Customer raffle tied to purchase of Rainforest Alliance Certified products
    • Consumer photo contest or submission call for pictures of purchased certified goods, posting to social media and tagging the store, brand and #FollowtheFrog
  • Employee Engagement
    • Employee events – live or online – to educate and engage on your company’s commitment to sustainability and work with the Rainforest Alliance
    • Train employees on sustainability and Rainforest Alliance impact and to serve as “Follow the Frog” ambassadors with their peers, customers and other stakeholders
    • A raffle or competition, with Rainforest Alliance Certified products as prizes.
    • Online content on company intranet or internal communications about the company’s commitment to sustainability and the Rainforest Alliance.

Next Steps

Talk to us! Contact your local Rainforest Alliance relationship manager or reach out to Debbie Rutstein

We will work with interested companies to support and amplify plans, and brainstorm ways to tailor the campaign to your specific ideas, branding needs, or target audience. We will track and support your social media engagement across our channels and spotlight participating brands on our website.

The Rainforest Alliance business website offers more ideas and information, and the opportunity to subscribe for future updates.

Let’s join together for a better future!




  1. Cone Communications/ Ebiquity Global CSR Study 2015
  2. RE:THINKING CONSUMPTION Consumers and the Future of Sustainability ©2012 BBMG, GlobeScan, SustainAbility
  3. 2017 Cone Communications CSR Study

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