3 Reasons to Jump Into Action and #FollowTheFrog This September

FTF18_facebook_cover-1In just a few weeks from now, the 2018 Follow The Frog campaign will launch. It is a unique opportunity for you to shout about your commitment to sustainability, and to the Rainforest Alliance, and at the same time engage your stakeholders and take them along with you on the journey.

During the two week campaign from September 10-24, we will also be highlighting our impact and working with collaborating companies to recognize their support in helping us create a world in which people and nature thrive together in harmony.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join this global campaign! Here are three quick reasons why:

  1. Consumers want it

91% of global consumers expect companies to do more than make a profit—they want to see companies operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. The Follow the Frog campaign provides the perfect opportunity to show just that, and we have resources such as toolkits for hosting events or promotions and examples of past activations to make it easy.

Run a contest, host a product tasting or create eye-catching POS materials; live events are a great way to build awareness of your products carrying the Rainforest Alliance seal. Or promote your activities on social media for a quick and effective way to tell your story. You can be as creative as you like, or use our ready-made materials to build your campaign. We can also translate or personalize our existing materials to fit your brand’s marketing needs. The campaign dates are flexible, and we invite you to join for all or part of the two-week period.

  1. Employees need it

After consumers, employees are the most important stakeholder group for driving forward your sustainability story. And remember they are consumers too, making them extra valuable ambassadors for your company or brand.

Inform and inspire your colleagues, and enhance their understanding of your company’s sustainability journey from a simple poster at the coffee machine to hosting a learning lunch or quiz. Get started by downloading our free toolkit or let us know about your ideas and we can co-create an educational activation together.

  1. The planet deserves it

Consumers expect businesses to take action to protect the planet, but they must also be reminded that they too have a responsibility. Through every day actions and conscientious decisions, consumers also have a positive impact on the environment and by joining together we can make a difference for a better future.

Invite consumers to take part in our 30-Day Sustainability Email Challenge, in which they receive a series of emails with simple every day actions they can take to make a difference.

We will also be launching a Sustainability Giveaway on our Instagram, further educating consumers on what it means to be certified, and inviting them to learn more about the journey behind the “green frog” seal on their favorite products. You and your audiences can instantly join the online conversation by using the hashtag #FollowTheFrog and tagging the Rainforest Alliance in all your posts- the more people that join in together online, the further the message can spread! Let your followers know all these options for getting involved with learning about our work together, and be sure to follow us yourselves:

FacebookYouTubeLinkedIn: Rainforest Alliance
Twitter Global: @RnfrstAlliance
Twitter UK: @RnfrstAll_UK
Instagram: @RainforestAlliance

Keep us updated on your plans so we can support and amplify your company activities across our channels, and remember to tag us #FollowTheFrog!

Let’s join together for a better future and #FollowTheFrog!

For more information or to discuss ideas, contact Debbie Rutstein: drutstein@ra.org

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