Following the Frog to Sustainable Coffee: Two Companies’ Perspectives

coffee cupping

By Susan Arnot Heaney, Director of Marketing and Company Engagement, Rainforest Alliance

Coffee is one of the key priority commodities for the work of the Rainforest Alliance to drive sustainable agriculture, with hundreds of coffee brands around the world carrying the Rainforest Alliance “green frog” seal.  While October 1 marks International Coffee Day, our colleagues across the globe, in the field and in the office, work every day to improve the lives of coffee farmers, their families and communities; improve resources for women farmers and reduce the gender gap; and protect ecosystems and wildlife in coffee growing regions. We know that a holistic approach is required to drive impact — to engage in environmental, economic and social imperatives — and to work as an alliance of farmers, producers, businesses, brands and consumers.

Two of our many collaborating companies – Joe Coffee in the United States and Italy-based Special Coffee – recently posted blogs on why they #FollowTheFrog and source Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee, allowing them to delight their customers with a product that is good for people and planet.  Read more on the perspectives of these two forward-thinking companies:

Joe Coffee:  Why We Follow the Frog

Special Coffee: 5 Leaps to Follow the Frog

We also invite you to read more about tackling the gender gap in coffee farming, and meet a few of our favorite women coffee farmers, in this Rainforest Alliance article.

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