Trends in Sustainability: Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is one of the most prolific and growing trends in sustainability. Also known as regenerative farming, the concept is at the forefront of many new sustainability initiatives in the food and beverage industry. While not a new concept, interest in regenerative farming has exploded in the past year, leaving many companies (and consumers) wondering, what exactly is it, why are companies concerned with it, and how does it compare to existing programs like Rainforest Alliance certification?

The Rainforest Alliance Statement on Current Low Coffee Prices


International coffee prices have recently hit their lowest levels for 12 years, and according to representatives of coffee producers in Colombia and Brazil are now below production costs.  These declining prices are having a devastating impact on the 25 million coffee families worldwide and on the landscapes they help to manage and depend on. At … Continue reading The Rainforest Alliance Statement on Current Low Coffee Prices

Sweden’s Largest Retailer Launches Service to Curb Customers’ CO2 Emissions

Sweden's largest retailer, ICA, launched in early summer 2018 “My Climate Goal,” a digital service that allows consumers to see how much carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are caused by their food purchases. The digital tool is an example of a company finding a unique new way to leverage the consumer relationship in a manner that benefits the customer by offering a valuable service; benefits the company by driving a new opportunity for loyalty and customer value; and benefits the planet by helping reduce carbon emissions and environmental impacts of food.